Monday, September 15, 2008


So Friday night our friend Ike decided to drop by our city and pay a little visit. He had us up all night making lots of scary noises and shaking our house. Of course he had to make the visit memorable in a couple of ways. One was by leaving our yard and neighborhood a mess, but also leaving us without power for 25 hours, and without running water for 48 hours!

It turned out he also tore down my neighbor's chimney and the gas pumps from the gas stations around the corner, dumping a business sign on top of a car, and blowing up all the signage from the car dealerships around the area.

Our left side of the fence

Our right side of the fence

A little fountain using street elements

Although not sure if I would do it again, in a creepy way I'm glad I did. I just love storms and was very curious about what it would be like (except for the afterwards parts).

Fortunatly my family and I are ok. Thanks to all who called in, texted and wrote to check on our status and express your support. It was a scary experience but we managed to remain calm through it all.

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