Tuesday, September 16, 2008


As I hid in the closet of my house during Ike while listening to the news on a Walk-Man... I wondered:

All this new technology, cool-ass expensive gadgets! We all survive on our iPhones and iPods, cell phones and cordless phones. They are supposed to make our lives easier. And they do... BUT NOT when you are hiding in a closet, with no electricity and a hurricane trying to knock your house down!!!!

At the end, there we were relying on what is now an "outdated" artifact for news and updates. A Walk-Man, and a traditional, old-school telephone. My iPod was of absolutely no use. An iPhone or SideKick would of been of no use either... I mean internet signals weren't working at that time. Cell phone service was practically non-existent, and it's still not working properly.

Haha! And I used to think my parents were strange for still keeping an old telephone when there are cordless phones now, or my mom for using a Walk-Man at this day and age.

So next time you are toying with the idea of throwing away your outdated technology, think about it. Those are our only reliable tech-friends in times Mother Nature decides to "shake-it to the ground".

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