Tuesday, December 23, 2008


As I was going through the necessary evil of waxing the other night, I wondered: In the age of men on the moon, cloning and artificial hearts, how is it we still don't have a painless method of hair removal yet?

All methods are painful, tidious and none are permanent. If not technology, by now evolution should just make the female species be born with hairless legs, arms, underarms, face, perfectly shaped eyebrows and bikini lines. Human DNA should of figured out we are going to shave it, wax it, bleach it or laser it all off anyways... so why have it in the first place?

And why stop there? Human DNA should of figured out that men don't like going bald... so why not evolve with unbalding scalps! I guess since the world is supposed to end in 2012, technology and evolution don't want to go through the trouble. But should keep this in mind when creating the next civilization.


Susan Vargas said...

Ahh waxing!! Nothing like making that upperlip feel like it's connected to your ass hole. The pain! Seriously!

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Gwennie said...

ahahahahaha... that's a funny verification