Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Just like Ralphie Parker, Matt made me go back and decode this e-flyer. Truth be told, it had been a while since I saw A Christmas Story and forgot how some folks turn classics into nerd fests.

Anyway, in honor of Matt’s (aka Sizzle and DIRB! founder) holiday homecoming, we’re officially coming together to DJ as DIRB! for the first time. As the e-flyer states (thanks for that, too, Matt), it’s goin down on Saturday, December 20 at Block 21. [Check out the “cool” writeup we got in Houston Press, “21 Jump Street“.]

So, no secret circles. No secret meetings. No decoding. Just dip thru this weekend and DIRB with us (Matt, Gracie, Antonio, El Jeffe & Squincy Jones). Your life could hang in the balance.

Another crummy post brought to you by Dusty Crates, DIRB!, Awwwready, Grills/Frank151 and Ovaltine.

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