Wednesday, January 6, 2010


A chihuahua with a death wish ran down a Brooklyn pier and dove into the frigid East River on New Year's Eve, only to be rescued by a vigilant member of the NYPD Harbor Patrol, according to 1010WINS. The brown and tan pooch hurled itself off the 62nd Street Pier on the border of Sunset Park and Bay Ridge on New Year's Eve, but an officer spotted the dog and fished him out.

The dog did not have an identification collar, but according to Suzanne Driscoll — who has been caring for the animal since the rescue — it appears to have been pampered by its previous owners. "Whoever this dog belongs to, spoiled this dog," she said. "He didn't want canned food, he wanted people food." The station reports that because the owners have not yet come forward, Driscoll has given the dog to the Forgotten Friends of Long Island, an animal rescue group. Anyone interested in adopting the canine — which a veterinarian has deemed healthy despite a few scrapes around the eye and one under the legs — can contact

photo by Suzanne Driscoll

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