Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This Thanksgiving I spent it doing a mini-tour of Europe. My friend Jenn was living there for 4 months, so we decided to go visit her. I had been to Spain on a previous Thanksgiving, so this time I went Amsterdam, Florence and Rome. The whole experience was way different with hostels, meeting new people and riding the overnight train in a tiny cabin with 6 people.

I must say that the most fun I had was in Amsterdam. It was such a blast renting bikes and riding them all day, and even at 2 am in the rain. We couldn't seem to find the clubs, but it seemed that Burger King was the place to be. Everytime we walked by it, it was packed and jamming loud techno music. We walked down the street singing Bob Marley to strangers, and got harassed by a blind homeless man, who turned out not to be blind. Also walking through the Red Light District at night made me feel like I was inside the movie Bladerunner.

Rome and Florence are beautiful beyond words. Completely different though. Florence is much smaller, with beautiful architecture and gardens. We ran through the streets like crazy people at 4 am, the streets completely dead. The Duomo is spectacular, and so is seeing the David in person.

Rome is insane. Big city life, with the exception that you have Roman ruins in one corner of the street and Renaissance sculptures on the other. It's such an awesome clash of time periods. Of course, coming from an art background, I almost cried when I entered The Colosseum and the Sistine Chapel. The Fountain of Trevi was also incredible. We met some super cool locals who took us out to the clubs... and we are now Facebook friends... jaja. Hugs and thanks to Cristian and Valerio (even if they can't understand a word of what I wrote).

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