Monday, November 24, 2008


Last night my friend Beto had a dream we were taking a tour of the jungle with rapper TI starring as our tour guide. We were riding with TI on the back of his moped on a hill. As we moved along, the hill kept getting steeper and steeper and steeper, until it was at a perfect 90° angle. By this point, Beto and I are falling off the moped. I try to hang on to TI's waist, as Beto hangs on to mine. However, TI just keeps on riding while we just dangle off of him.

Despite our efforts, Beto and I fall off the moped. As we fall, we manage to hang on to a ladder next us. But the ladder is full of Asian school children running up and down like it's an escalator. We struggle and struggle... after fighting the Asian school children for our lives, we make it to the top of the hill! There was nothing but a field of grass. No TI.

He was never seen again.

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Anonymous said...

que risa!!

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